Jamil Thobani

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About Jamil Thobani

The Just Sold It Team was founded in 2016 after Managing Director Jamil Thobani, an avid investor in Calgary real estate, became tired of a common problem in the industry – he wasn’t able to find the right advisor who could provide sound advice and help protect home buyers and sellers. “In some instances, we’re talking about someone’s life’s savings being on the line. It’s important that they make informed decisions… it’s surprising how many people leaving money on the table because they aren’t provided with the right information.”
Leveraging principles from his Management Consulting background, Jamil developed and refined approaches to find the right Calgary home for buyers and to sell homes at top dollar and in a reasonable time frame. “It comes down to having practical plans in place, knowing how to structure win-win agreements and stickhandle your way through problems. Trust me, I’ve had my fair share of issues come up when trying to make a deal work, especially at the 11th hour” says Jamil. After sharing his learnings and coaching others within his network on how to protect oneself in order to build wealth through residential real estate, he realized a new career was on his horizon.

Whether you’re looking for a home for life or wanting to create a portfolio of Calgary real estate investments, The Just Sold It Team’ unique risk-based approach will help you identify great real estate opportunities that thrive regardless of the economic climate. Their guidance on implementing the right strategies will help ensure investments not only meet, but exceed, desired returns. “Our goal is to help our client’s maximize their return. There are specific tactics that need to be actioned when you’re buying, during home ownership and when you’re selling”. The Just Sold It Team believes in building life-long, lasting and trusted relationships. “We want our clients to call us when they need help or advice, real estate related or not”. Whether you are a first time home buyer through to an experienced investor, feel free to reach out, they’re here to help you!